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Audi R8

“Slipping behind the R8’s wheel stirs hints of déjà vu. The view forward over a wide lower body is that of a Porsche 911. The look back mimics the perspective of the Ferrari F430 with an eyeful of engine.” - Automobile Magazine

Vorsprung Durch Technik is a German phrase meaning "Advancement Through Technology". Audi’s magnificent mid-engine marvel – the R8 – is the very embodiment of that expression. This Teutonic titan contains every conceivable ingredient from Audi’s staggeringly well-stocked technology pantry. Born from an obsession to create a faultless exotic, Audi’s R8 stands at the nexus of automotive passion, alluring design, advanced manufacturing expertise and sophisticated technology.

With its aggressive cab-forward stance, taut surfacing, chiseled flanks and jewel-like detailing, the astoundingly attractive R8 is a rolling exhibition of excellence. It features an advanced aluminum space frame, magnetorheological dampers and a 4.2-liter direct injection V-8 engine that produces 420 horsepower and redlines at a frenetic 8,250 rpm with either a 6-speed manual or “R tronic” paddle-shift automated manual transmission. Rounding out Audi’s drive for distinction is the exceptional Quattro all-wheel drive system and one of the world's very best interiors. In other words…the perfect supercar.

Twist the key and the all-aluminum engine bellows to life over your right shoulder. Slam your right foot into the schnell! pedal and you’ll hear the resonant sound of an 8-cylinder internal-combustion ensemble. You’ll also feel an internal-organ-displacing surge of thrust as the Quattro all-wheel drive puts power to pavement and slingshots you to “gee-Officer-I-didn’t-know-it-would-go-that-fast-and-can-you-loosen-up-these-handcuffs-a-wee-bit?” speeds. When it is time to reign in this fetching beast, stomp hard on the big anhalten! pedal and you’ll think you’ve run headlong into a giant German Chocolate Cake as the extreme deceleration forces cause the seatbelt to cinch your torso like a big boa constrictor. The R8’s brakes are consistent with the rest of this marvelous machine – stupendous. Just make sure you first secure any loose fillings.

Featuring a transcendent blend of blistering performance, bullet-proof build quality, breathtaking good looks, flawless road manners and comfortable everyday drivability, Audi’s R8 wunderwagen is brilliant.

MSRP: $125,000 – 136,000
Type: V-8
Displacement: 4.2L
Power: 420 hp
Torque: 317 lb-ft
Redline: 8,250 rpm
Drivetrain, Chassis & Body
Transmission: Automated Manual
Paddle Shift: No
Clutch Pedal: Yes
Layout: Mid-Engine
Drive Type: All-Wheel Drive
Curb Weight: 3,650 lbs
Construction: Aluminum
Seats: 2
0-60 mph: 4.1 sec
¼ Mile: 12.7 sec @ 111 mph
Top Speed: 187 mph
Braking (60-0): 112 ft
Power Ratio: 8.7 lbs/hp